Discovering Truth For Yourself – an introduction to Inductive Bible Study
(1½-2 hours depending on time available)
A practical hands-on ‘taster’ session.

Do you long to know the Bible better? Have you ever read the Bible and then 2 minutes later find you have completely forgotten what it said? Or perhaps you struggle with understanding what it is all about? This is a hands-on practical introduction to inductive Bible study, which introduces basic Inductive study methods and tools. This seminar will help you interpret scripture and apply its truths to your life – just a taster to whet your appetite!

40-Minute Bible Study series
(½ day)
To assist study group leaders to develop their confidence in using 40 Minute study books, and to select appropriate material
for their groups.

Many have shared with us how the application of the inductive study method in the 40-Minute Bible study series has immediately impacted lives for Christ’s glory. This seminar teaches you how to use the materials as well as reinforcing basic inductive Bible study skills.

New Inductive Study Series (NISS)
(½ day-1 day)

This seminar helps you understand the value of the NISS Bible study books. Perfect for beginners to inductive Bible study or those new to the NISS series. The seminar also trains in basic inductive Bible study skills.





Getting to Know God More Deeply – How to Study the Bible using Precept-Upon-Precept
(1 Day)
Learn how to handle Precept Upon Precept (PUP) Bible study material accurately.

This workshop introduces you to Precept’s premier inductive Bible study range, Precept Upon Precept (PUP). You will learn how to handle the material accurately and, importantly, this course also fulfills the formal ‘Leader Training’ requirement to lead a PUP study group.

Join us for an exciting day when we will practice the basics of inductive Bible study using Precept Upon Precept (PUP) material, and also review the skills required to lead a PUP study group. During the morning, we will study Lesson 1 of a PUP (a copy of the complete PUP is included in the study materials provided). After lunch, we will discuss what each of us gleaned from Lesson 1 – which will help to focus our thoughts on how to effectively lead a PUP group’s weekly discussion, drawing on the insights gained by individual members during the morning session.

God are You there? Biblical Praying – a topical study day in the Word of God
(1 day)

The Bible teaches that prayer is a vital part of the Christian life. Why then are so many believers confused about it? Does it seem like your prayers never reach God or, if they do, are not positively answered? In this workshop, we will examine prayers from both the Old & New Testaments and see what we can learn from these examples. You will also learn the basics of inductive Bible study so you can continue to discover truth for yourself as you study the word of God.

Having a Lifestyle of Witnessing – a topical study day
(1 day)

This workshop offers a Biblical perspective on witnessing, which is both empowering and releasing to equip Christians in this vital area of their daily walk. We inductively study how the apostles lived their lives and the gospel spread from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth, and how we can learn from their example.

Finding Your Place of Service in the Church – a topical study day
(1 day)

Using basic inductive Bible study skills, you will learn what the Bible teaches about how individual believers fit in Christ’s body, the Church. This workshop focuses on the foundational elements of Spiritual Gifts. This is an exciting and much needed topical study day and many people have found it enlightening and challenging, but very positive!

How to Study the Bible
(1½ or 2 days)

Leave excited to know ‘I can do it’. Overview a book, study a chapter, and learn to use an exhaustive concordance. Learn why and when to use specific inductive study skills.


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