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THIS IS NOT ANOTHER APPEAL… But An URGENT Opportunity to Gift The Gospel and Give Peace and Life

Precept, as an international organisation with decades of experience in former Soviet countries and thousands of leaders and trainers, is perfectly placed to respond to the crisis in Ukraine. Many are at the borders providing practical support and directing people to stay in the homes of Precept folk further inland, but crucially they are sharing the gospel with the refugees  they are praying with people and giving out Bible studies (see pictures below) and showing the people how they can receive the love of the LORD. 

This is where you come in. You may have already donated items or money for basic human needs (In response to Isaiah 58:7), but we are praying that the Lord would lay on your hearts to give generously to the spiritual needs of Ukraine, so that Precept in Moldova can print boxes of Bible studies: 40Minute Having a Real Relationship With God, and for the children, D4Y Wrong Way Jonah. For just £1- £1.20 they can print a Precept book and so for approximately every pound that you donate, you are giving someone, an adult or a child the opportunity to know Peace and Life – Jesus.

The time is now – please donate to Precept Scotland (write ‘Ukraine’ in the message box). We want to forward an initial contribution within the next few days but our prayer is that the support we give extends for much longer. Moldova is one of the poorest countries in the world and yet they, like the church in Macedonia, are sharing the grace of God with an abundance of joy through incredible generosity, despite their poverty (2 Cor 8:1-3) to the refugees fleeing Ukraine. Let’s share in their joy and the grace of God by donating now and gifting the gospel. 

You can give by clicking on the donate buttons or by sending a cheque made payable to ‘Precept Scotland’ (write Ukraine on the back) and sent to: Precept Scotland, 7 Westgate Park, Saline, Dunfermline KY12 9US.

Thank you. 

Sandy, Michael, Nigel, Jan, Margaret & Derek

Precept Scotland Team

Select ‘For Ukraine’ in the ‘Donation for’ drop down list.

Refugees at the Romania/Ukraine border queing to get out of Ukraine, as Precept leaders go in.

Aid workers handing out food, as Precept leaders continue to share the gospel with Bible study resources for the people to keep.

A refugee reading 40 Minute: ‘How to make choices you won’t regret’ donated by Precept.

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