Precept offer a range of studies for everyone.  Click here to visit our online shop.  You can also take a look at our Catalogue which will also give you some ideas.

Level 1

· No homework, 6 week topical studies anyone can lead.

· Great for small groups with limited time.

· Self-contained format includes Scripture alongside text.

Level 2

· NISS studies of every book of the Bible now available!

· Personal or group study, 15-30 minutes of homework daily.

· Contains questions for group leaders and thoughts for the week for personal Bible study.

Level 2

· Easy-to-follow devotional studies on topical issues.

· Discover God’s answers to your deepest needs.

· Day-by-day format perfect for small group and
discipleship settings.

Level 3

· Pam Gillaspie – Cookies and Sweeter than chocolate.

· Topical studies on a range of subjects

· Devotional studies for use in personal “quiet times”.

Level 4

· For those who don’t have enough time for Precept-Upon-Precept, the In and Out series is a streamlined approach to the same material which requires fewer hours of study time.

· The studies can be used with the Precept-Upon-Precept CDs and DVDs.

· Leaders would benefit from attending a Precept-Upon-Precept training day, but this is not compulsory.

Level 5

· In-depth inductive studies in an easy-to-follow loose-leaf format, for personal or group study.

· About 5 hour’s personal study per lesson, designed to be followed by a weekly group discussion (with optional CD/DVD lectures).

· Training required for group leaders (but not for personal study).

· Study Bibles with instructions for studying each book of the Bible using the inductive method.

· Available in New American Standard or English Standard Version (American spelling)

· Range of hard and soft covers


A range of resources to help you study your Bible more effectively.

You’ll be amazed at the fresh insights you can discover, even in familiar and much-loved Bible passages, using the inductive study method. A great place to start is to tackle our free ‘lightning studies’, which take 10-15 minutes to complete.

· Challenging, creative inductive studies for 8-12 year olds. Kids Studies are for beginners age 4-7 years.

· Lively narratives, interactive questions and fun activities reinforce the truths the children are learning.

· Ideal for home devotionals, small groups and home schooling.

Level 1

· Perfect for student weekends or for use in weekly youth meetings.

Precepts for Life (PFL) is a series of both Bible book-based and topical Bible study programmes, which are broadcast on radio, the internet and TV.

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