Delivery Information

If you do not live in the UK then please email and we will see if we can help you.


Orders are routinely dispatched by 2nd class post or, for heavier packages, parcel post - though, where the extra cost of postage is not excessive, we will, at our sole discretion, dispatch by 1st class post. Also, we will make every reasonable effort to reduce the cost of postage by, for example, dispatching orders in two smaller parcels rather than one larger one - and if, again at our sole discretion, we find that there is a significant saving that we can pass on to you, we will do so.

With the exception of Bibles, the standard charges for post & packing to addresses in the UK are as follows:

Up to £7.00£1.75
£7.01 to £15.00£2.50
£15.01 to £25.00£4.00
£25.01 to £50.00£6.50
£50.01 to £75.00£8.50
£75.01 to £100.00£11.00
£100.01 & over£13.50