D4Y for Kids 8 - 12 years - Student Workbooks

D4Y for Kids 8 - 12 years - Student Workbooks

About this Series

Bible study is serious fun! The D4Y series introduces inductive Bible study to children old enough to read with lively narratives and illustrations that bring Bible stories to life, teaching the basic skills of Bible study for a lifetime of discovering God's Word. Ideal for use at home or with Sunday school groups (and for independent study - not excluding adults!), D4Y is geared to kids but not watered down - because even at young ages children have the ability to Discover, Go Deeper, and Disciple. Currently, there is just one (excellent!) fun DVD that accompanies this series.

These studies are designed for kids aged 8-12. However, children's reading skills and maturity levels vary, so a child might be ready for these books at a younger age; equally, you might find them useful for 13-year olds.

Don't forget to ask for a certificate when you complete one of these studies! Just mail the "I Did It!" certificate that's in the back of each D4Y study book to our address (don't send it to America!)

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