"Precepts For Life" (PFL) - audio & video Bible study

"Precepts For Life" (PFL) - audio & video Bible study

About this Series

Precepts for Life (PFL) is a series of both Bible book-based and topical Bible study programmes, which are broadcast on radio, the internet and TV. The audio files of these 25 minute-long programmes are available for free download via the internet, as are the Study Guides that accompany many of the PFL study series. For further information on how to watch/listen to the broadcasts and/or to retrieve the free files from the internet, click here.

We are really keen that this wonderful resource for daily teaching and encouragement should become widely known and available to folk living in Scotland so are pleased to be able to offer, at prices that just cover our production costs:

  • CD discs containing the audio recordings of the various PFL programme series (in MP3 format only). The discs are duplicated on receipt of your order, and despatched in individual protective sleeves (i.e. not in plastic cases).
  • Loose-leaf copies of the associated PFL Study Guides (many including Observation Work Sheets, i.e. sheets containing the relevant Bible texts, and other 'helps' such as maps, etc).
  • DVDs are available for some of the PFL programme series - contact us if you would like further information.

Please note that we will supply these study materials ONLY to addressees living in Scotland.

[Important technical note: MP3 is a compressed audio format, which means that a large number of the 25 minute talks can be fitted onto just one CD disc - but, before ordering, do please ensure that you have the means to listen to MP3 CDs! MP3 compatible players include iPods, most modern CD players, and computer-based players (such as Windows Media Player). If you require any advice, please do contact us before ordering.]

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