Celebration, Vision & Strategy Evening with Finger Buffet, 
GLO Centre, 78 Muir St, Motherwell ML1 1BN.

21 February 7 – 9.30 pm

Ever wondered about how effective Precept’s Inductive Bible study method is on a global scale? Vasile Filat (International Director of Precept Ministries) will be joining us, to discuss how hundreds of thousands of people are being impacted by Precept Ministries in militant Islamic and former Communist countries. With a special time for you to share with Vasile how God is working in and through your study groups, we are looking to produce the best outreach so that more people can learn the skills and tools of inductive Bible study. If you are a Study group leader or passionate to disciple others through Precept studies, you won’t want to miss this! There’s no cost to attend but booking is required. To guarantee your place please click here.

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