If you are just starting and have never used the inductive bible study method, we recommend you read the introduction page first then follow the information below:

Have a go. click here for a free lightning study that will take you by the hand and give you a quick introduction to inductive Bible study. You will need to print out the study and follow the instructions.

Marking may be a new idea for you. We suggest you keep the symbols simple and use colours or combinations of colours. Children’s colouring pencils are great for this or visit our shop for non-bleed micron pens.

More FREE studies are available to download through our Web-shop. Simply add them to your basket and go through the checkout process as usual – you will not be asked for any payment details. You will then receive an email with the links for you to download the studies. Click here for more free studies.


Once you have completed a few of the lightning studies and you feel comfortable with the method then you can move on to our other studies. Please use the flow chart below to help you decide from the 5 different levels of study. In addition, we have a Catalogue and a more detailed guide of what to study on our resources page, both will give you some ideas.

Study Groups – If you want to join others to study inductively, click here and send us your details and we will try to find a group near you.  You may also consider starting your own group as it is much more fun and you can learn from each other click here for more information.  Once you are proficient and feel comfortable with inductive bible study maybe you would consider leading a group.  Please click here for more info.

For the full range of our resources click here.

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